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Billy Flywheel

Zany and most original entertainer, with quick-fire jokes, send-ups, impressions and bizarre happenings. Billy Flywheel  

Austin Knight

He's relentless. He's the T1000 of comedy. No matter how much you laugh, he keeps coming back with a better gag! Austin Knight  

Mike Farrell

Traditional stand up comedian from Yorkshire. No props, no gimmicks, excellent material. Mike Farrell  

Paul Boardman

Sharp line in observational comedy; versatile and can adapt to all audiences. Paul Boardman  

Tony Jo

One of the most talented, versatile and funniest comedians in showbusiness. Tony Jo  

Jed Stone

Without doubt the most versatile comedian and entertainer in the UK today! Jed Stone  

Gary Marshall

Award-winning Gary has been pro for over 20 years and is one the most popular comics on the after-dinner circuit. Gary Marshall  

Ian Irving

Ian's unique style of humour is attracting promoters, corporate clients and television producers alike. Ian Irving  

Josh Daniels

A charming comedy natural, Josh guarantees laughs from the moment he walks on stage, to long after the lights go out. Josh Daniels  

Rudi West

An original comedian who seamlessly blends the observational and the topical. Rudi West  

Bob Webb

Firm favourite on the after dinner circuit. Bob Webb  

John Stiles

Ex-footballer, John will always be known however as a son of the great Nobby. John Stiles  

Aaron James

Playing off a single handicap, Aaron thoroughly enjoys speaking at golf events! Aaron James  

Ian Richards

Reliable, impeccably presented, fresh material and most importantly, very funny. Ian Richards  

Rod Woodward

Winner of the "Encore Comedian Of The Year" in London. Stars, audiences and newspapers all love this young and fast-rising comedian. Rod Woodward  

Jamie Sutherland

This Wigan-based scouser will keep you amused with tales, gags and all his own teeth. Jamie Sutherland  

Lea Roberts

Traditional Northern humour with a modern approach; outright winner of Stand Up Britain. Lea Roberts  

Steve Womack

Musician and speaker, Yorkshire born Steve has an ability to turn the mundane into the hilarious. Steve Womack  

Adger Brown

One of the South’s leading and most sought after mainstream comedians. Also a keen golfer. Adger Brown  

Lester Crabtree

Outstanding young comedian with his own unique, cheeky, yet attacking style. Lester Crabtree  

Tony Wallace

Tony's one man show really does have something for everyone and has earned him numerous awards throughout the UK. Tony Wallace  

Kevin Connelly

Brilliant impressionist and star of BBC2's highly acclaimed Dead Ringers. Kevin Connelly  

Les Gibson

Much sought-after comedy impressionist, who was voted 'Comic of the Year' by the Liverpool Echo. Les Gibson  

Norman Prince

Acknowledged as the 'King of Comperes', his natural personality and good humour also make him a 'must' for auctioneering at fund-raising events. Norman Prince  

DJ Ivan

Inept hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury is the brilliant comedy creation of Tom Binns. DJ Ivan Brackenbury  

Ian D Montfort

Also the creation of Tom Binns, Ian D Montfort is a psychic from Sunderland, who made his debut at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe. Ian D Montfort  

Tom Binns

Tom is also a ventriloquist, with a number of family characters including his dad, mum, wife, sons & daughters and various other puppets. Tom Binns  

Nina Gilligan

Sometimes outrageous, always hilarious, observational and storytelling comedy for all. Nina Gilligan  

Dom Woodward

Clever and observational Comedian, always in demand on the circuit. Dominic Woodward  

John Lory

The face of Comedy today. John Lory  

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